Five Ways Jameela Jamil is Changing Instagram Diet Culture

Jameela Jamil has become one of today’s most influential forces on Instagram. The British actress and model transformed into a digital activist, calling out dangerous and destructive attitudes toward food and body image on social media.

Jamil has harnessed her social media in many ways to reach her audience about inappropriate food habits and diet fads. Here are seven communication tactics that Jamil has employed to spread her message and build her digital audience:

1. I WEIGH Campaign

Jameela’s original activism began with the creation of I WEIGH. Her campaign draws attention away from vanity and appearance by measuring followers’ weight base on their achievements and qualities, not their body fat percentage. Users share photos of themselves, listing their most precious and admirable traits instead of their physical weight. The campaign draws attention away from physical appearance and fights the jealousy and insecurity perpetuated by social media.

To date, nearly 700,000 people have followed the campaign. It has also garnered attention from celebrities like Sam Smith and Rose McGowan, both of whom have contributed their own photos and promoted the I WEIGH account on their own platforms.

Sam Smith’s appearance on I WEIGH (Image via jameelajamil)

2. Direct Call-outs:

The most effective and attention-grabbing portion of Jamil’s digital activism is her direct and honest conversation style. She is not afraid to publicly call out those who perpetuate the issues she is fighting.

On November 26, Jamil posted a rant on Instagram, calling out Khloe Kardashian for promoting Flat Tummy detox tea. Her post went viral and garnered media attention from traditional news media and her digital audience. Her message was direct and impassioned. It started a social discussion, making many followers second guess the health benefits of detox teas and the morality of influencers promoting them.

Since her initial post, Jamil has called out many other celebrities for promoting detox tea, such as the Kardashian family, and Cardi B.

Jamil’s original post about detox tea advertisements

3. Humor

Jamil expanded her tirade against detox teas with a sketch video about influencers and promotions. The skit demonstrates the damaging effects of detox teas, highlighting their laxative effects. Her humor is sensational and grabs viewers’ attention, but also shares a cautionary message against laxative misuse and insecurity.

Jamil’s skit (courtesy of jameelajamil)

4. Supporting Others:

Jamil also draws attention to body-positive and LGBTQ+ influencers and public personalities. She provides a platform to increase their following and enhance the public’s perception of their messages.

5. Transparency:

Jamil’s efforts are so successful and impactful because they are authentic. For each issue Jamil has tackled, she has shared her personal struggles and experiences. In her rant against detox teas, Jamil shared her history of disordered eating and laxative abuse. This added a sense of authenticity and urgency to her efforts.

To learn more about Jamil’s fight against diet culture, visit the I WEIGH Instagram. For help with an eating disorder, call the National Eating Disorder Association’s Helpline (800-931-2237).

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