How Chobani Reaches Beyond Yogurt with Corporate Social Responsibility

From probiotics to proteins, we expect yogurt to benefit our health, but Chobani has decided that yogurt can be more than just a source of calcium. It can enact social change.

Chobani has incorporated corporate social responsibility (CSR) directly into their brand to build their reputation and their business.

“Northern Stars”

Chobani has crafted sustainability goals for their company that help improve their impact on the food supply chain. Their “North Star” goals guide their professional and social work:

  1. 100 percent renewable energy
  2. Water neutral
  3. Zero waste to landfill
  4. Renewable fuels
  5. Sustainable packaging
  6. Sustainable sourcing
  7. Dairy worker wellbeing
  8. Inclusion and diversity
  9. Strengthening rural communities

Commuity Outreach

Their CSR expands beyond food production. They have spread sustainability to education and community development. Their active social campaigns include:

Chobani’s CSR is effective because it is relevant to their products and expands its purpose. They have invested in areas and sectors that relate to their professional work like dairy farming and childhood hunger. These close connections help tie their corporate actions with their CSR, crafting their brand image.

Promoting Their Outreach

Chobani’s CSR is also effective because it is more transparent than many other companies. They promote it through:

  • Social media, especially their twitter feed
  • Traditional media, including commercials and advertisements
  • News releases
  • Their website
Chobani’s Twitter post from Earth Day 2019. (Post via Chobani)

These platforms help Chobani associate their efforts with their brand reputation.

In particular, the Chobani website is the most informative platform. It features an “Impact” page directly following their “products” and “recipes” tabs. This prominent location demonstrates the emphasis that Chobani places on their CSR practices. Other companies like Nike have completely separate web pages for their community work and often do not promote it on their media platforms.

“Doing well by doing good”

By giving back to these communities, Chobani is investing in themselves as well. They are building awareness for their products and creating opportunities for the dairy industry to thrive.

Their efforts also help their brand image, which drives sales. People expect companies to participate in CSR. By doing so, Chobani is fulfilling their social duties and ensuring their audience’s satisfaction. Their efforts craft larger audiences to buy their products. When customers perceive Chobani as healthy and responsible, they feel like they are making a healthy and responsible choice by buying their products.

What other companies practice good CSR? Leave your opinion in a comment below.

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